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Welcome to National Stockyard Systems.

We offer Australia’s Best Stock Yards, designed by stockmen for stock handlers. All products are 100% Made in Australia, from Australian Steel, in our two factories in Rutherford NSW, near Maitland. We also use the products that we sell on our own farms, and since 2005 we have assisted thousands of other farmers and stock handlers in the supply of quality, built to last stock handling solutions.

Our multi award winning range of products are second to none, and we hold multiple patents and design registrations on many of the innovations we have introduced into stockyard design and manufacture.

If you’re looking for stockyards we’d love to hear from you!
For further information please contact:

NSS Office: 02 4932 1363
Simon Burrell: 0425 257 865
Nathan Ellicott: 0431 163 770

Some of our awards:


Award of Excellence of the Hicks Draft / Baulk Combination

This product has since been adapted into more product lines that will enhance your drafting.


Award of Excellence for our Sheep Yards

The judges commented that the award was for the whole system. Being the entry, the processing, and the exiting the yards.


Award of Excellence for our Headmaster Head Bail

This is the only head bail on the market that has true mechanical advantage – initial speed of closing when first activated and then power when closing on an animal’s neck. Combined with other features on our extensive range of cattle crushes, results in us being able to supply a quality crush to match your requirements.


Henty Machine of the Year Runner Up for our Top End + 200 Cattle Crush

The features of this crush propel it to the best available for stud animal husbandry.


Award of Excellence for our Remote Livestock Handling Equipment

The system features a fully mobile – remote control unit (worn on the waist freeing both hands) with toggle control on the head bail and crush squeeze. The toggle or joystick control imitates manual operation enabling the head bail and squeeze to be incrementally opened or closed. The system will cater for a 5 way draft, head bail operation, squeeze, crush entry, weigh box entry and race entry. In addition a syncronised button controller allows the person loading the race etc. to also open and close the race slide gates. A huge advantage is that the drafter, crush, weigh box and slide gates can still be operated manually if there is a power outage etc. or an EID tag needs replacing prior to loading. Quite simply there is no better air or hydraulic system available.


Award of Excellence for our Solar Powered Drafting using Smart Phone or Tablet

No power or air required. Your Smart Phone bluetooths to the drafter via a free app. This does the same job as an air drafter but is a fraction of the cost.
NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence - Australian National Field Days. Innovation, Manufacture, Design
Award of Excellence - Australian National Field Days

Our Product Range

Cattle Crushes

Cattle Yards

Sheep Yards

Horse Yards

Standard Plans


Cattle Yards Brochure (64 page)

Download the latest 8th Edition our full 64 Page Stock Yards Brochure, featuring most of the information from this website.

Sheep Yards Brochure (26 page)

Download the our Sheep Yard specific brochure, featuring 26 pages of useful information.

​National Stockyard Systems – Australia’s Best Stockyards.  Call us on 02 4932 1363 for a quote or to discuss your requirements.

National Stockyard Systems is a leading supplier of premium quality, value for money steel cattle yards, cattle crushes, sheep yards, and stock yard systems. The stockyards we manufacture & offer for sale are the most innovative available, superior in quality and design, and built to last. All our products are 100% manufactured at our Rutherford, NSW factories using Australian Steel. Many of our groundbreaking stockyard features (including the joining system and slam catch) are registered designs or protected by patents, and offer unique features not available elsewhere in the cattle yard market in Australia.

Our range of cattle handling equipment including cattle crushes, draft/baulk combinations and our gate system are also award winning and designed to last. These are among the strongest and most operator friendly cattle crushes available on the cattle equipment market, yet are at affordable prices.

We aim to develop, manufacture and market a range of livestock handling equipment that optimises value for clients through increased stock flow and minimal stress for operator and stock, with working with either cattle or sheep.

Natural livestock behaviour dictates product design and client value is maximised via cost / safe stock throughput parameter ratios. The National Stockyard Systems team are happy to assist with advice on all areas of livestock handling, with the aim of  assisting clients to make an informed decision when purchasing stock yards. We strongly believe our cattle yard range will result in easier stock work with less stress on your stock, and will improve your overall bottom line. Our innovative sheep yard range is also designed with the same principles in mind.

National Stockyard Systems does not seek to provide a solution for every requirement, but does seek to provide a product that offers superior value and performance in chosen fields. We do however provide solutions from very small cattle yard designs through to large commercial cattle yards, with all yards being custom made to suit your exact stock handling requirements.

This website includes a range of information on our product offerings including cattle yards, sheep yards, horse yards, calf cradles, cattle loading ramps, cattle crushes & headbails, general yard panels, and much more. For more information or prices please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and allow us us to assist you in selecting a yard to suit your operations. We look forward to hearing from you.

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