Combination Yard Plans

We are constantly updating our range of standard plans / conventional force plans. We have 100’s of additional plans on file to cater for conventional cattle handling, low stress stock handling, combination sheep/cattle yard, and plans utilising our rotary forces. For enquiries please Contact Us.

The Service

  • The sales team represents over 100 years of practical stock experience
  • Full computer aided drawing (CAD) to assist in the design of your custom yard.
  • Full range of detailed mirror reversed plans available
  • Delivery and erection assistance available
The codes of the yards refer to average working capacities not a mythological made up figure that some other yard suppliers quote. See below info for more details. The National Stockyard Systems numbers will work for that number of average sized cattle. (A bit like a kitchen where 8 people can stand in it or 2 people can work in it. If you had 8 people standing in the kitchen, nobody could work in it).


  • Realistic yard working capacities are quoted. Generally capacities and total holding numbers are based on area requirements to handle and work 400kg cattle.
  • Cows and calves will require double this area.
  • A circular yard with the same perimeter has a greater surface area than a square or rectangle yard (and stock flow better).
  • Holding capacities quoted on our plans are based on 400 kg dry cattle
  • Cows and calves should never be tightly forced or in the race together
Holding YardsForcing Yards
100 - 300 kg1.3m²0.6m²
300 - 500 kg1.4m²1.0m²
Over 500 kg1.6m²1.2m²
Cows & Calves2.2m²2.2m²

Click on any plan image to enlarge on your screen. Click on background or the X on the top right corner to close.

All 6 Rail panel styles are also available in 7 & 8 Rail

The longer panels utilised in non-pressure areas result in yard larger than they appear on paper/screen.
GP Hybrid 7 Rail
7 Rail Hunter Combination Yard
7 Rail Hunter combination yard
Low Stress Stock Yards are one of our specialties
8 Rail combination panels are also lamb proof
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