Remote Control Air Operated Cattle Processing

Winner – Award of Excellence, Australian National Field Days 2016

Remote Control Air Operated Cattle Processing Draft & Yard System

A complete remote operation that imitates manual operation.

Cattle flow and processing is greatly enhanced. This is due to:

  1. There is much less walking for the operator/s. There is no time wasted walking to and from a gate. Thus cattle flow is better, as there are less stoppages.
  2. Fatigue associated distance travelled around the yards and operation of manual controls is minimised.
  3. Cattle flow is not interrupted by having to walk up in front of their travel to open a gate. This stops leaders from baulking in the race or turning around in the force.
  4. Cattle will be less stressed as you process because you are not in and out of their flight/fight zones to open and close gates.

A choice of Mains / Generator powered or 12 volt battery.

A 1.5 – 2HP compressor is adequate.

  1. Speed and pressure can be individually adjusted for each ram.
  2. Toggle control imitates manual operation with incremental opening and closing of the head bail and squeeze. This is the only mobile remote operation available with this feature. The ratchet and pawl still hold the head bail and squeeze. Catching cattle effectively with a system where the head bail is either completely open or shut is impossible.
  3. The Controller is worn around the waist to leave both hands free and the operator is completely mobile around the yards. Thus the operator is not limited to operating the controller in the small arc that a swing arm off the side of the crush allows.
  1. The controller can be customized to suit your requirements. (eg whether you are right or left handed).
  2. There is a kill switch on the controller which instantly deactivates the system and releases all air pressure. Thus everything is not locked in a fixed position if power is lost.
  3. The whole system can be operated manually if you only need to process a few or if the power goes down.
  4. Manufactured in Australia from German engineered components.
  5. Additional hand held  controller available that enables a helper to remotely open and close race slide gates as they seem fit. The main operator can concentrate on their job knowing the cattle will keep coming. A big plus is that the helper is not walking up and baulking cattle.
  6. Up to 9 gates/headbails/squeeze can be operated by a single controller.
  7. Full remote control within a 90 metre radius.

If you wish to operate the crush 100% manually but still gain the benefits of remote operation, there is a button controlled 2 or 4 gate system available which can be used for remote drafting and/or slide gate opening and closing.

NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence - Australian National Field Days. Innovation, Manufacture, Design
The Award of Excellence recognises new, innovative design and manufacture of machinery and equipment designed for use in the Australian agricultural industry, and is an acknowledgement that the product meets high criteria standards and is worthy of the attention of primary producers.
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