Yard Drafting

The NSS patented gate in frame and associated slam catch offer advantages when yard drafting.

The slam catch pin rolls back to be behind the gate. This eliminates the potential bruise point associated with other slam catches and drop bolt catches that others supply. Also there are no chains.

In addition, the stoppers on the gate frame eliminate the need to continually latch the gate. The stoppers work in either direction.

Gates are supplied with either a left or right handed catch.

Cattle Drafting Options

  • Drafting cattle is now more frequently required due to changes such as tighter feeder weights, cell grazing, early weaning and overall improved management practices.
  • NSS has developed a series of drafters that allow 1 person drafting.
  • In addition to traditional pound or yard drafting we have a number of products specifically designed to enhance your drafting.
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