Supplying quality Australian made cattle crushes using Australian made steel


Australian Made with Australian Steel

The undisputed dux of all headbails

This new head bail is on our complete range of crushes

Until now most head bails had a limited mechanical advantage.

Mechanical advantage is vital when an 80 kg person is trying to restrain a 600 kg animal.

Traditional ratchet locking head bails only lock in increments of 20 – 40 mm or so. This allows a big neck animal to suck back, or allows excessive head movement which can be dangerous to both animal and operator.

Our new head bail has closing down to 6 mm increments with almost zero suck back (suck back can be a problem with slide locks and all traditional ratchet locks).

The new NSS head bail combines approaching over center in 3 differing closing positions with the safety of a gravity ratchet lock. In addition there is a mechanical advantage of up to 5 to 1 which means that an 80kg person can apply up to 400kgs of pressure.

These 2 advantages combine with closing increments down to 6mm, and, quick release push – pull dual operating handles on all crushes.

Over 5 years and thousands of hours have been in invested in the research, development and field testing of this revolutionary patent pending head bail.

Quite simply there is no other head bail on the market that can approach this head bail for performance.
Alec Thomson, Dark Corner NSW. "This new crush is a bloody beauty!"

As with all National Stockyard Systems products our crushes are 100% made in Australia. Crush designer Gerald Hicks is delighted with the performance of the new head bail during commercial testing.

The Award of Excellence recognises new, innovative design and manufacture of machinery, and equipment designed for use in the Australian agricultural industry, and is an acknowledgment that the product meets high criteria standards and is worthy of the attention of primary producers.

5 Year Warranty

All National Stockyard Systems Headbails and Crushes come with a 5 year warranty provided the crush is installed on a level concrete pad and the products are used correctly.

Naturally all steel on steel moving parts will require some lubrication.

Australian Patent Application Number. 2013202915

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