Hunter Valley Draft with Baulk Gate

A variation on the Hicks Draft/Baulk Combination. The three stage baulk gate when not being used as a baulk gate forms a well for the operator to stand in if mouthing etc. Access is unlimited if performing other husbandry procedures such as dehorning, ear tagging, drenching etc. Access to the headbail is instantaneous.

Hunter Valley Draft

Rotate spring loaded handle to open off side gate. Locks over centre.

On Side draft. Push Pull gate with slam catch.

Note the extra rails in all gates. This means that cattle cannot get their head between the rails.

Cattle Drafting Options

  • Drafting cattle is now more frequently required due to changes such as tighter feeder weights, cell grazing, early weaning and overall improved management practices.
  • NSS has developed a series of drafters that allow 1 person drafting.
  • In addition to traditional pound or yard drafting we have a number of products specifically designed to enhance your drafting.
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