Loading Ramps - Hawkesbury

All National Stockyard Systems loading ramps are fully galvanised and feature a patented concrete floor (except budget) with plenty of treads. Timber floors are subject to rot, white ant attack and fire. Steel floors are prone to noise and rust. Concrete floors minimise or avoid all these issues.
Hawkesbury 3.0 Metre Standard Cattle Loading Ramp (Non Adjustable)
Hawkesbury 3.0 Metre Adjustable Height Cattle Loading Ramp

Pictured Hawkesbury Ramp with single walkway. Height adjustable backing board is standard on all non-adjustable ramps.

The height is quickly adjustable by lifting the floor and sliding the chain, a child could adjust the height of this loading ramp 25 in one inch increments from box trailer height, ute body height to semi trailer height.

Barry O'Neil, Dungog

Barry O’Neil, Dungog

“I have bought different yards over the years on behalf of people that I manage places for but these yards are the cheapest by far and the best by far”

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