Curved V Race

  1. Design, engineering and strength of materials used eliminates the need for overhead bracing
  2. Base is made ready to fill with concrete
  3. 1800mm high on outside (discourage jumpers) and rail spacing 120mm (no heads through)
  4. 1700mm high on inside (comfortable lean over height). Rail spacing 190mm (can get arms through if required)
  5. Noise deadening manufacture process used on sheeting
  6. Double walkway standard
  7. Clever gate hinging results in gates swinging over 90 degrees (instead of flopping onto the ground)
  8. Middle bend restrains animals better in race (instead of a straight V that others use)
  9. Available straight or curved (6.2m radius)
On our property at Nelsons Plains we trade around 500 to 600 steers a year. Deborah relaxing and happy after she and Murray weighed and 3-Way drafted 338 steers in under 3 hours.
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