Calf Crush / Calf Marking

  • Larger producers, where through put is paramount may require a separate calf race and force.
  • Swing gates with slam catches are preferential to slide gates, especially at the front of the race where it will open against the cradle.
  • The calf race is adjustable width to a maximum of 450mm and the width can be quickly adjusted to suit individual requirements. (400mm or 16” is the traditional standard). Gaps between the rails are a maximum of 140mm to prevent calve getting their heads between the rails.
  • Many producers are utilising a squeeze crush and mark calves standing up. This practice is very effective as it is a one-person operation and only requires a small increase in skill to mark a calf standing up utilising a National Stockyard Systems squeeze crush.

The traditional calf marking cradle has many disadvantages. The main one is that, unlike a cattle crush, it is impossible to design a cradle to cater for all sizes of calves. Another disadvantage is that the calf marking is often the first association that a calf has with humans. Utilising a traditional calf cradle where the calf is thrown off its feet, squashed, marked and then let go will leave a lasting bad experience.

National Stockyard Systems has designed a crush specifically for processing and marking calves.

  1. Extremely heavy duty construction
  2. Caters for all sizes of calves
  3. On Side and Off Side operation available
  4. Simple Push – Pull entry gate
  5. Swing – Anti Back gate in the race allows one calf entry into the crush
  6. Multiple access gates for needling, ring application or cutting.
  7. Ratchet immobiliser bar for branding
  8. Brisket Bar prevents calves from laying down
  9. Baulk Gate available.
  10. Incremental closing positions
Little calves.
Big Calves Calf Marking Crush
Big Calves
Calf Race and Calf Force
Calf race and calf force.
Concertina gate fold around to make the calf force yard.

Prototype testing the calf crush, marking neighbour’s calves. We refined and improved the calf crush after this. Pictured: Our neighbour, John Lidbury was more than happy to pass on some of his more than 50 years of cow and calf experience to our crush manufacturing manager, Adrian Gunthrie.

Calf crush and race with Swing – Anti Back. One calf entry. Near Side race is 1400mm high. Rail gap 147mm. Also available in Bullock Hybrid on the off side.

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