Hunter Pacifier Cattle Crush

Simultaneous double sided diagonal squeeze provides a simple push-pull action with automatic lock and release for altering the width of the crush. It can be activated from either side of the crush and maintains good view of, and access for, neck vaccinating and injections. Most cattle will settle better if movement is restricted. The squeeze enables calves to be marked easily while standing. For smaller operators this eliminates the need for a calf cradle, force and race. Split body gates on the on side. Single body gate on the off side in addition to all the standard features of our crush range.

Our Best Selling Crush!
Hunter Pacifier Cattle Crush

Length: 3250mm

Internal width: 730mm

Maximum outside width: 1100mm

Peter Wallis, Gundowring

Peter Wallis, Gundowring

“In my livestock management business I use many different cattle crushes but my National Stockyard Hunter Pacifier is by far the best to use. The split slide gate, kick shut and open vet gate, the squeeze and the headbail are a pleasure to use and nothing ever pulls back out.”

We also sell a full range of Tru-Test Weighing and Identification Solutions for Livestock Management.

The amazing flexibility of the double squeeze Hunter Pacifier.

Double sided diagonal squeeze

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