The Hicks Draft/Baulk Combination

Australian Patent No. 2009100838

Hicks Draft/Baulk Combination has an in built baulk gate with auto catch and release. The off side draft is operated by a rotating over centre locking handle. All gates, off side and on side are operated from the one position and the whole unit can be opened up to transfer cattle from yard to yard. 

It combines an auto baulk gate, 3 way draft and outstanding access to the head of an animal. 

The Drafting Gates operate the same as the Hunter Valley Draft. 

Winner Ag-Quip inventors competition 2007. Winner Orange Field Days 2009.

Cattle Drafting Options

  • Drafting cattle is now more frequently required due to changes such as tighter feeder weights, cell grazing, early weaning and overall improved management practices.
  • NSS has developed a series of drafters that allow 1 person drafting.
  • In addition to traditional pound or yard drafting we have a number of products specifically designed to enhance your drafting.
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