The Panel Styles


Rail Number     (Height mm)5  (1600)    6  (1700)6   (1700)6   (1800)
Post Size40 x 40mm50 x 50mm50 x 50mm
Rail Size53 x 35mm75 x 40mm115 x 42mm
Rail Number (Height mm)6   (1700)6   (1700)6   (1700)
Post Size40 x 40mm50 x 50mm50 x 50mm
Rail Size5 @ 53 x 35mm
1 @ 75 x 40mm
5 @ 75 x 40mm
1 @ 97 x 42mm
5 @ 97 x 42mm
1 @ 115 x 42mm

Standard Panel Lengths: 2.2M, 2.5M, 3.2M, 4.0M (Other custom lengths and heights available)
Standard gate in frame outside lengths: 2.3M, 2.6M, 3.3M, 4.1M, 5.2M Double
All panel styles are also available in 7 and 8 rail for other applications such as sheep/goat/cattle combination yards.
Yards can consist of mixed or matched panel styles to cater for every application and budget.

GP (General Purpose) Stock Yard Panels

Economical panel for the smaller operator. The rail is stronger than it looks.

We only use first grade, Australian Made High Tensile steel in the manufacture of all our cattle yards.

Yards can consist of mix and match panel styles to cater for every application and budget.


GP6 - Rail Panel 2.2m
GP 6 - Rail Panel 3.2m
GP 5 - Rail Panel 3.2m (Also available in 4 rail for horses)
GP Combination 7 & 8 Rail Panels Available

Yards can consist of mixed or matched panel styles to cater for every application and budget.

Hunter Stock Yard Panels

Our most popular seller. Suited to all but extreme pressure. Hunter and all other panels have standard leangths of 2.2, 2.5, 3.2, 4.0 meters.

With a Hunter yard we generally supply a Hunter 7 rail race to prevent calves and weaners getting their heads between the rails.

A common yard consists of Hunter 7 Rails in the race, Hunter 6 Rail in the force and pound and GP Hybrid 6 Rail in the balance of the yards.

Hunter 7 – Rail Panel 2.2m
7 rails in GP or Hunter prevent calves and weaners from getting their head between the rails.

Hunter 6 - Rail Panel 2.2m

Bullock 6 1800

Shane & Andy Murphy, Mungindi
Bullock 6 - Rail Panel 3.2m

Suited for all applications.
The Bullock 6 is the heaviest stock item manufactured and, at 1800mm high with 6 rails cattle will not get their head through it.
It is popular with producers handling stock of questionable temperament.

Shane and Andy Murphy, Mungindi

“We needed a strong set of yards due to the agistment cattle we seasonally take on and we also needed yards we could load sheep out of.

After 2 days at Ag-Quip we selected National Stockyard Systems as the best yards for our requirements.”

NEW Hybrid Panels

If a rail in a stockyard is bent it is usually the top rail. We now offer panel and yards with a heavier top rail, these are our Hybrid Yards.

The 53 x 35mm top rail in GP yards can be replaced with a 75 x 40mm rail. This rail weighs 28% more than GP rail thus will be 28% stronger. The 75 x 40mm top rail in Hunter Hybrid Yards can be replaced with a 97 x 40mm x 2mm rail. This rail weighs 56% more and will be 56% stronger.

Bullock Hybrid 6 Rail

Cap rail 115 x 42 x 2.0mm
Other Rails 97 x 40 x 2.0mm

This is a better option than the conventional panel supplied by other suppliers.

The steel costs the same as a 5 rail 115mm rail panel and there is the same amount of welding but this is a much better panel. The panel is stronger and adult cattle cannot get their head between the rails.

8 Rail combination panels
Concrete Stamping

The best finish is to stamp your concrete with a heavy piece of 4″ or 6″ pipe, or an empty paint tin upside down. This limits cattle slipping.

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