The NSS Cattle Crush Range:

Cattle Crushes & Headbails that work!

Cattle Crushes
National Stockyard Systems has the largest range of crushes available in Australia, all fully made right here in Australia, from Australian Steel. All cattle crushes can be further customised to suit your individual requirements.

National Stockyard Systems manufactures and supplies the largest range of cattle crushes and head bails available in Australia.

The National Stockyard Systems range of cattle crushes have been recognised with multiple industry awards.

A key component of any cattle yard is the crush. Often the sole purpose for yarding cattle is to process them through a cattle crush. Making the correct choice from the wide range of cattle crushes on the market is one of the most important considerations in the development of an effective livestock handling system.

Functionality, value, durability, adaptability and ease of use by all members of the family are important considerations when comparing the various cattle crushes on the market. We design our range of cattle crushes for ease of use and maximum cattle through put. All cattle crushes are designed to reduce stress on your livestock, with operator safety and cattle comfort foremost.

An important element of cattle crush quality is the steel. All NSS cattle crushes are manufactured from Australian Made High Tensile Galvanised Steel.

The range of cattle crushes have multiple features that are unique to NSS.

NSS can supply a cattle crush to cater for all requirements, from the hobby farmer through to saleyards, feedlots etc.

In addition, because all of our cattle crushes are made right here in Australia, your crush can be customised to suit your individual requirements without extended lead times.

Mark Scifleet Binnaway with his Cattle Crush

Mark Scifleet, Binnaway

“This is easily the best crush I have ever used. I cannot believe how easy it is to operate, how quick it is and the holding power of the headbail.”

Andrew Macpherson, Freemans Waterhole

“The design features of my crush are outstanding. It is both well designed and well built.”

Drenching & Needling Cattle

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