Other Cattle Yard Components

Slide Gates

GP Slide Gate

Hunter Slide Gate

Bullock Slide Gate

Split Slide Gate (Closed)

  1. All slide gates operate on rollers, note the extra rails.
  2. The gap between the rails is GP 169mm, Hunter 147mm, Bullock 107mm.
  3. These gaps minimise the opportunity for cattle to get their head through.
  4. All sliding gates have a self locking latch.
  1. Flat bar base on Hunter and Bullock for longevity.
  2. Height is 1995mm (GP) 2200mm (Hunter & Bullock).
  3. Self cleaning base.
  4. Peg down lugs standard.
How wide is the pad that big cattle leave - Interesting, only 400mm
Split Slide Gate - Open

Split Slide Gate (Open)

The spit slide gate is leverage assisted with auto lock this gate is around 3 times faster to operate. The far side closing will block the head of the following beast. Can be supplied with an operating handle on both sides.


Manways are wide enough to prevent an animal getting caught by the hips if the gate is accidently left open, or they can be used to file stock through if required. Slam catch is standard on Hunter and Bullock and they are included in most plans, thus are not a hidden extra.
An extra slide is also standard on all 5 and 6 panel race designs.

In Line Posts

In line Posts. Yards are erected with the post up-side down. Hole marked, panels unbolted, hole dug, post is inverted, adjacent panels bolted and concreted in the hole.

Topless Race Bows

Topless Race Bows with Walkway allow uncluttered access to the cattle. A 100mm thick slab is poured and stamped before using the yards. Concrete is level with the base.

Because the concrete is poured with the yards erected there is no need to dismantle the race prior to concreting.

A popular yard is the Hunter 7 Rail Race, Hunter 6 Rail Force and Pound, with the balance GP Hybrid 6 Rail.

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