Top End Plus 200 Stabiliser Cattle Crush

Length: 3550mm

Internal width: 730mm

Maximum outside width: 1100mm

Extremely Heavy Duty Construction

  • This crush is 200mm longer than our standard body length to cater for stud requirements.
  • Not just a crush, this is more a Cattle Processing Machine
  • Extremely heavy duty construction
  • RHS sections are 4mm thick
  • Full ratchet parallel squeeze
  • Ratchet chin lifter
  • Split Body gates off side (hinged front)
  • 7 access gates on side and 3 access gates off side
  • Ratchet rump bar standard
  • Scanning louvre gates
  • These are in addition to all the standard features of our crush range.
Henty Machine of the Year

Runner up. Henty Machine of the Year 2014

This crush weighs over a ton and is an extra 200mm longer in the body. There are 10 opening gates on the crush to access all points on an animal.

The louvre gates are opened and closed simply by rotating a handle, this allows quick access for scanning bulls and other husbandry procedures. These louvre gates are available on all our crushes.

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