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  • Our patented bolt together system will handle uneven or sloping ground.
    A 3.2 metre panel can rise or fall over 4 inches via our slotted holes. A rise or fall of over 8 inches is easy with our extender cleats. Also, impact is spread over adjacent panels if a beast hits hard.
  •  The steel we use is Grade 450 (very high tensile and gal inside and out)
    A 1.6mm wall has the same strength as 2.1mm wall in normal steel, and a 2.0mm wall has the same strength as 2.6mm wall in normal steel. Oval rail minimises bruising.
  • The bolt together system will eliminate rattle noise, is stronger than pins, acts a theft deterrent and does not take much longer to erect than a pin together system.
  • Alternative joining systems utilizing cleats and pins where the top cleat is below the top of the panel has resulted in many broken legged horses and cattle.
  • The centre cleat on our joining system transfers impact from the gate slam catch post to the 1, or often, 2 adjacent panel posts. This prevents the slam catch popping from the keeper under impact or pressure.
  • If a gate does not swing back to lay flat against the adjacent panel, then it is very easy for the gate hinges to be broken, or the gate hinge to be torn off the post (due to the massive fulcrum effect).
  • Our pricing is GST inclusive (as per the law).
  • Ground Pins, Bolts & Caps are included in all pricing.
  • The longer panels we use result in the erected yards being bigger than they appear on paper. Also we attempt to provide safe working capacities (based on 2 tooth steers). (A cow and calf unit will require double that area). We do not quote tight holding capacities which leave no room for processing cattle
  • The automatic stopper/s on our gates (2 per gate on medium and heavy yards) prevent gate twist and eliminates the gate being pushed through when drafting. (Our gate folds back 180 degrees one way and the automatic stopper can be manually over ridden to allow 100 degrees swing the other way).The slam catch pin rotates back behind the gate post so as to be non bruise when drafting. Also pulling a slam catch gate behind you to close it, when walking through yards, is infinitely quicker than stopping and turning to latch a conventional chain or drop bolt closing gate.
  • The slide gates and calf panels have extra rails to prevent heads getting through the rails. Also we provide an extra rail option in our working race.
  • Manways are included in most plans, ground pins are included in all yards and concretable spigots with sleeves are included with all ramps. These are all often optional extras with other suppliers.
  • We are often asked by resellers to sell through them but, we only sell direct. Thus, by purchasing direct, the end user is receiving practical advice and a superior product at a lower cost than going through a reseller. Some resellers push clients into products they make the most margin on, rather than the most suitable product.

Some of our awards:


Award of Excellence of the Hicks Draft / Baulk Combination

This product has since been adapted into more product lines that will enhance your drafting.


Award of Excellence for our Sheep Yards

The judges commented that the award was for the whole system. Being the entry, the processing, and the exiting the yards.


Award of Excellence for our Headmaster Head Bail

This is the only head bail on the market that has true mechanical advantage – initial speed of closing when first activated and then power when closing on an animal’s neck. Combined with other features on our extensive range of cattle crushes, results in us being able to supply a quality crush to match your requirements.


Henty Machine of the Year Runner Up for our Top End + 200 Cattle Crush

The features of this crush propel it to the best available for stud animal husbandry.


Award of Excellence for our Remote Livestock Handling Equipment

The system features a fully mobile – remote control unit (worn on the waist freeing both hands) with toggle control on the head bail and crush squeeze. The toggle or joystick control imitates manual operation enabling the head bail and squeeze to be incrementally opened or closed. The system will cater for a 5 way draft, head bail operation, squeeze, crush entry, weigh box entry and race entry. In addition a syncronised button controller allows the person loading the race etc. to also open and close the race slide gates. A huge advantage is that the drafter, crush, weigh box and slide gates can still be operated manually if there is a power outage etc. or an EID tag needs replacing prior to loading. Quite simply there is no better air or hydraulic system available.


Award of Excellence for our Solar Powered Drafting using Smart Phone or Tablet

No power or air required. Your Smart Phone bluetooths to the drafter via a free app. This does the same job as an air drafter but is a fraction of the cost.
NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence - Australian National Field Days. Innovation, Manufacture, Design
Award of Excellence - Australian National Field Days

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