CCC Speed Draft/Baulk Combination

The CCC Speed Drafter enables 5 gates to be worked from the 1 location. Drafting is as quick as your scales will tare out. There is a manual lever control to the 2 front draft gates via cables enabling a 3 way draft whilst standing at the back of the crush. If an NSS V-Race is incorporated leading into the crush the sliding gate on the V-Race section prior to the crush can also be opened and closed via a direct linkage from this point. Obviously the crush entrance and exit can also be operated from this single position. This system is brilliant when weighing cattle. 

If access to the head is required there is an additional manual 3 way draft between the Baulk Gate and the Speed Gates. These Draft Gates operate the same as the Hunter Valley Draft. 

Every gate on the unit will remain where it is supposed to until moved by the operator (even on a very windy day). 

All types of drafting are enabled, e.g. weighing, mouthing, sexing and culling. 

The unit also includes a choice of Baulk Gates and quick access to the headbail.

Luke O’Donnell and daughter Grace, Springs Ridge

Weigh and draft cattle using the NSS V Race, Crush and Speed Drafter. The draft gates are at the front of the Speed Drafter and operated by the handles above Luke’s head.

Cattle Drafting Options

  • Drafting cattle is now more frequently required due to changes such as tighter feeder weights, cell grazing, early weaning and overall improved management practices.
  • NSS has developed a series of drafters that allow 1 person drafting.
  • In addition to traditional pound or yard drafting we have a number of products specifically designed to enhance your drafting.
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