Pound Draft

Drafting Cattle with a Pound

The central pound allows for one person drafting and transfer of stock through the yards.

When utilising the pound for drafting the slam pin is rolled back so the pin does not protrude. The stop prevents the gates having to be latched every time an animal is drafted. One person can draft 6 separate ways with a 7 sided pound (6 gates, 1 panel) and 7 separate ways with an 8 sided pound.

A 6-sided pound of 2.6 meter gates has a diameter of 5.2 meters. 

This is comfortable for one person drafting. A 7-sided pound has a diameter of 5.4 meters utilising 2.3 meter gates, and 6.2 meters utilising 2.6 meter gates. An 8-sided pound has a 6 meter diameter utilising 2.3 meter gates. 9 sided pounds are available.

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