Cattle Weighing & Weigh Box

Cattle Weigh Box

We also sell a full range of Tru-Test Weighing and Identification Solutions for Livestock Management.

Thus, we are a one stop-shop for cattle weighing equipment.

Weigh Box

Inbuilt Concrete Floor. Quieter and scales will tare out quicker. Tapered sides so the animal will not attempt to turn around. Split Slide gate entry. Dual handle operation available.

Gate on off side in case an animal goes down. Large EID Reader mounting board. Off Side rail spacings eliminate cattle getting their head between the rail. On Side spacings allow good access for backlining, needling etc, if the Weigh Box is being used as part of the race. Rails on top prevent an animal climbing. Aadds to the length of the race if processing cattle through the crush or back lining, needling etc. cattle. As with all the products we sell, our weighbox is 100% manufactured at our Rutherford factory using first grade Australia Steel.

Cattle Weighing Scales

Most cattle sales $ proceeds are solely a function of weight and quality in cents / kg. (And is a big influencer in breeding and stud stock). Even at most store sales, buyers are trying to estimate the weight combined with cents / kg for their bid. Scales will assist your objective management instead of relying on best guess management.

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