Optional extras that are available on all of our crushes

Optional Extras on National Stockyards Crushes
Split Slide Gate can be customised to open and close from both sides of the crush.

Extra body gates can be ordered with your crush

Nearside and offside operation available

The floor of NSS crushes is 3mm thick with 3mm treads all fully welded in. Weigh bar mount can be punched to suit Tru-Test weighing equipment, or supplied as unpunched to suit products from other weigh bar suppliers.

Floor is welded in and includes weigh bar mounts. Load Cell or H-Bar mounting brackets can be fitted to all National Stockyard Systems crushes.

Rump Ratchet Bar (Standard on Top End Stabiliser Plus 200)

Full Ratchet Chin Lifter. Note how we have lifted the ratchet mechanism for the ratchet chin lifter. This is to minimise injury to animal and operator.(Standard on the Top End range but can replace the standard chin lifter on any crush or headbail).

Weighing. Large weather proof EID antenna mounting board.

We also sell the full range of Tru-Test Weighing and Identification Solutions for Livestock Management.

Thus we are a one-stop shop.

3 stage baulk gate is heavy duty construction. Cattle will not go over, under or through the baulk gate.

3 stage baulk gate open.

Auto Baulk closed. Cleverly designed linkages allow both baulk gates to open and close by pushing or pulling one gate.

Auto Baulk open. By pushing or pulling the on side, the off side will be mirrored through clever linkages. There is no better baulk gate available.

The 3 stage baulk gate is handy for catching horned cattle.

Double acting louvre rails can be fitted to any crush. (Standard on a Top End Plus 200).

Australian Design Application No. 20414004

Louvre Gate the rails open and close with a simple rotation of the operating handle.

A baulk gate is essential when catching horned cattle.

The full range of Tru-Test Livestock Management Systems including scales readers and indicators, weigh platforms and drafters etc.

Ratchet chin holder is an optional extra.

Lonnie Stone, Bovine Scanning Services

“This crush makes our work so much easier and safer”
Louvre gates standard on Top End Plus 200. Available as an optional extra on all other crushes.

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