Loading Ramps - Bullock

All National Stockyard Systems loading ramps are fully galvanised and feature a patented concrete floor (except budget) with plenty of treads.

Timber floors are subject to rot, white ant attack and fire. Steel floors are prone to noise and rust. Concrete floors minimise or avoid all these issues.

Bullock 4.2 Meter Ramp with walkway & 1.0m front extension. The access gate swings across to block the ramp.

All ramps are available as standard, adjustable, with walkway, or any combination.

Note the number of treads in the National Stockyard Systems ramps. All walkways are non-slip

Bullock 3.6m Adjustable is a popular ramp

Bullock 3.6 Meter with Walkway

Bullock 3.6m with Walkway Cattle Loading Ramp

All non-adjustable height ramps come with a floating bumper board that easily caters for different height trucks.


Ramp height is level with modern stock carriers with air suspension.

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