Basic Draft with Block Gate

Drafting cattle is now more frequently required due to changes such as tighter feeder weights, cell grazing, early weaning and overall improved management practices.

NSS has developed a series of drafters that allow 1 person drafting. In addition to traditional pound or yard drafting we have a number of products specifically designed to enhance your drafting.

Cattle Drafting Options

Cheaper and more easy to use than the conventional 2 gates in frame. The 2 draft gates are joined at the top with a removable overhead brace. This means the operator only has to push or pull the onside gate to move both gates together. In association with the swivel posts on the headbail/crush the unit allows for quick drafting and access. The block gate (GP 5 rail or Hunter 5 rail only) on the ramp will block an animal if it is missed while attempting to catch it.

Available in all panel styles.

Basic Draft in closed position

Basic Draft. Gates swing in unison. Push Pull one to work two gates. Swivel latch posts enable gates to be swung past the head of an animal after catching.

Basic Draft swivel posts fold back to give good head access.

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