Holding Yards / Round Yards Capacities

The below image illustrates the benefits gained in area by increasing panel size in your cattle holding yards. To see a table of panel sizes and yard areas please Click Here.
Increasing panel size on outer yards from 2.2m to 3.2m increases the yard capacity by an amazing 112%. Believe it or not the increase is 229% utilising 4.0m panels.

The increase is 64% over 2.5m panels and 30% over 2.8m panels.

NSS 4.0m panels in Hunter and Bullock have been used by many of NSS clients.

Cost savings available by utilisation of the longer panels are considerable.

Blue yard 15 x 4.0m panels.
Green yard 15 x 3.2m panels.
Red yard 15 x 2.2m panels.



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