Standard Cattle Yard Plans

National Stockyard Systems offers the best stockyard plans in the market, all able to be fully customised to suit your requirements.

64 Page Brochure Available!
Our downloadable brochure includes full cattle yard and crush product information, plus over 60 standard plans ranging in size from 6 head to over 1,800 head!

Download Standard Cattle Yard Plans
(Please note the file size is approx 3Mb in size)

Don't see a plan that suits you? We also offer a
Computer Aided Design (CAD) service as well as offering an on property design service and can develop cattle yard plans to suit your exact requirements.

A couple examples of our plans! Download our standard plans PDF for more great designs!

  Cyril Wills, Mandurrama
"I could not go past the quality"

Cyril Wills of Mandurrama designed his own yards to suit his particular requirements. The scaled cattle yard panels and components are available for prospective client use.  An on property design services is also available.

Example Plans

Please note all plans are Copyright National Stockyard Systems and may not be reproduced without permission.
  All National Stockyard Systems products
  are covered by an unconditional 5 year 
  warranty when used in accordance with
  the manufacturers recommendations.

The Service
  • The sales team represents over 100 years of practical stock experience
  • Full computer aided drawing (CAD) to assist in the design of your custom yard
  • Full range of detailed mirror reversed plans available
  • Delivery and erection available
  • On property consulting and design available using the miniature panels

  National Stockyard Systems: Australia's best Stockyards: Designed by stockmen for stockhandlers.
 Call Murray Schaefer on 0425 315 913 for a quote!
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