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Standard width is 700 mm. This is still a comfortable width for drenching, mouthing etc while in the race. If the is only 550 to 600mm wide and a big sheep gets spun around or tipped over in a narrow race then the operator often has to back it all the way out of the race. Also when a race is too narrow, and a big woolly sheep baulks or stops, then it stops the whole race as other sheep cannot file past it.

The strength of design eliminates the need for overhead bows.

The race is quickly adjustable in height from 900 mm to 1025 mm (after concreting). This innovation is exclusive to National Stockyard Systems.

Race dividing gates are standard on all plans with longer races. This minimizes the chance of smothering weaners or woolly hoggets.

All race gates have vertical rails as these positions are where sheep tend to jump. These minimize the chance of broken legs. Also sheep will run up and stand closer to a vertical rail gate than a horizontal rail gate.

The catches on the entrance and exit gates are auto catch which can be closed under pressure..

Handle on gates aid closing under pressure..

Double working race available. (Note: we increase the size of the force yard when supplying a yard with a double work race.).

The top rail of the main working race is can be incrementally lowered to facilitate beside race husbandry..

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