Why National Stockyard Systems Sheep Yards?

National Stockyard Systems designs and manufactures an innovative and award winning range of sheep yards which will make handling of your sheep easier. The below are just a few of the many features that differentiate us from other sheep yards on the market.


Rail profiles are manufactured by Australian Tube Mills. The sections are doubly symmetric oval for increased bending strength, bruise minimisation and stiffness in stockyard applications. The rail is manufactured to High Tensile Grade 350LO- 450LO, confirms to Australian Standards AS 1163, and is galvanised inside and out for long lasting rust protection. The posts used confirm to the same properties as the rail. The 6 Beam has a double rounded back and is fully enclosed to prevent dirt build up.

The SupaGal is manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of the following specifications *AS/NZ 4792 _ Hot Dip galvanised (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow sections applied by a continuous or a specialised process.
*Minimum Coating Mass: 100g/M2 inside and out.



Best of both worlds; "the environment of permanent sheep yards, with the flexibility and price of relocatable yards."

Sheep Yards Joining System

  • The joining system utilises elongated hole cleats, which mean that the panels will follow most ground undulations.
  • Bolts are M12-30 hot dip galvanised with a wide flat head. Washers are hot dipped 32mm wide and nuts are standard hot dipped.
  • This system is protected by Australian Registered Design No 14534/2005 and totally eliminates the noise associated with conventional pinning systems.
  • Whilst eliminating panel rattle noise, gate sag etc the joining system will offer a degree of movement if a sheep hits a panel hard.
  • It only takes about an extra 10% time to build the NSS sheep yards compared to others. (Dropping a pin in or putting a nut and washer on the bolt is the quickest and easiest part of yard erection).
  • Delivery and erection is a service available to clients if required.
  • The need for cost-adding false posts that some others require is eliminated.
  • There is no gap at the top of the panels for a sheep, dog or horse to get a leg caught in.
Sheep Yards Pegging DownGround pegs are supplied with all NSS yards. Two pins are supplied with all gates, manways, bows and sliding gates. Y16mm deformed bar pegs are supplied. If sheep yards are not pegged down the yards will move and distort under normal pressure. If the panels are also required to be pegged, then a peg down plate is supplied and the ground pegs are hammered 400mm into the ground.
Posts for sheep yards

Sheep Yard Posts
Posts are supplied to strengthen straight runs. The posts are incorporated as the yards are built. Once the sheep yards are built, the hole is marked; the adjoining panels unbolted, the hole dug, post placed in hole, panels rejoined and concrete poured. This is best done when the race and draft are concreted.

WE CAN CUSTOM DESIGN your sheep yards to work in with existing infrastructure (lane ways, holding paddocks, shearing sheds, or shade trees etc).

WE CAN DELIVER. Delivery charges are applicable but our experienced driver/ yard builder will stand the yards up when he delivers. The only thing you will have to do after he goes is tighten the bolts, drive the ground pegs in, concrete and then let the dogs off the chain.

WE CAN ERECT but generally erect with your assistance, otherwise you are paying for a person to travel to and fro sitting in the truck.

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