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Draft module with tumble swing gate is included in the pricing

Tumble swing is closed prior to drafting (not after as with some others)

Main body of race is 4.0 metres long. This aids earmark drafting of woolly sheep

Drafting gates are 7 rail and 1.5 metres long . These longer gates make for easier drafting as you are not trying to drag a large sheep across prior to the next sheep exiting as you are with a shorter gate. The 7 rails mean that a lamb cannot get itís head between the rails, spin around and head off back up the race.

Draft gates are see through. Sheep flow is impeded if the draft gates are solid.

Draft gate handles are off set toward the operator so the operator is not leaning across the race as far. Also, their offset position and shape protects hands and knuckles when drafting.

The race width is incrementally adjustable in width at the base from 100 to 500 mm. The ability to fully open the race enables easier drafting of horned rams.

Base forms formwork for concreting

Sides do not have the tinny rattling of sheeting. Sides are solid.

Flanged entrance aids sheep flow

Tumble Swing fate is quickly operated and folds flat against the race when not in use

Swing panel either directs sheep up the working race or drafting race.

Sheep in main exit yard are visible to sheep entering V Race which assists sheep flow.

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