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20mm Bright Bar shoot pins (not round bar). Smother action, tighter tolerances and greatly enhanced zinc coating adhesion.

Hollow Bar Cams (not pipe) Grade 750 high tensile and very hard wearing guarantees cam matches shoot bar with no seam.

Linished leading edges results in easier closing and prevents a narrow groove developing on the catch which binds up action.

Stainless Steel Cam Latch Spring give consistent longer lasting pressure than conventional springs.

All latch components are individually zinc plated prior to assembly with a 5-micron coating to ensure long-term rust prevention and ease of operation.

Body is 32 x 10mm flat for strength.

Note when the latch handle is rotated the pin withdraws behind the gate edge. This position is maintained automatically until the latch is re-engaged by the operator Non bruise if counting sheep through gateway in association with the NSS Sure Stop and eliminates a potential point of injury to both animal and operator.

The catch allows for up the 70mm vertical movement in gate location and closing positions and with normal corner location, shape is nonbruise.

Protector plate prevents accidental opening of catch by stock in adjacent yard.

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