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If you have never had a draft box at the end of your race you will wonder how you went for so long without having one. You will be surprised at the number of times you use it and how much time it will save you.

The panel prior to the draft box can be closed up to ensure sheep approach single file prior to drafting

The overall length is 2.0 metres to enable a weigh or scanning crate to be placed in it

Tumble swing gate folds flat against the panel when in use for drafting of wet / dry, wool classing, mouthing etc.

Allows for a 3 way draft out of the race.

Forms part of the main working race when not being used for drafting

Drafting off of the odd sheep is still possible without narrowing the entrance.

Base frame eliminates the need for formwork when concreting.

Draft gate handles are off set toward the operator so the operator is not leaning across the race as far. Also, their offset position and shape, protects hands and knuckles when drafting.

Box can be deleted if not required and replaced with panels and a bow.

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