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Two sheep yard panel styles are available. Some clients also choose to use the 6 Beam panels in the main working race and force with the 6 rail oval in the balance of the yards.

No mesh is used in the yards. This is important to note, as mesh has been responsible for many dogs breaking their legs and sheep breaking their necks.

The 6 rail Oval panel has a 75 x 40 mm rail on top as this is the rail that is subject to pressure when sheep hit it with their brisket. The other five rails are 53 x 35 mm oval rail.

The strength of these rails eliminates the need for a support strap in the middle of the panel as is necessary when panels are made from small diameter pipe. A flat bar support in the middle of the panel will result in many more broken horns with resultant fly strike.

The four rail 6 Beam panel is the strongest panel on the market and virtually eliminates broken legs in sheep or dogs. The flat side is always placed inside of perimeter yards and inside as yards work their way back from the force. Because of the high visibility of this panel sheep tend not to have a go at it.

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