Sheep Yards by National Stockyard Systems


The gate system and joining system used in our sheep yards (and all other yards in our range) are protected by Australian Registered Design No 11434/2005 and Australian Patent No. 2009100939.

This revolutionary gate and joining system was also awarded the Encouragement Award at the prestigious "The Land & NSW Farmers Association Farm Inventor Of The Year Competition at Ag Quip 2005.

The system is exclusive to National Stockyard Systems Pty Ltd.





 Mitre cut and welded for strength (not straight cut or bent).

Gusset braced to maintain frame square.

Ground pin cleats standard. Ground pins are included in all pricing.

Gate swings back 180 degrees to follow sheep flow and generally rests beside a panel to prevent stock being stuck behind it or breaking gate off its hinges. Also a 2.8-meter gate can be closed while standing 6 meters from the latch.

Fail safe stop prevents gate flying past slam catch.




Gate will swing over 90 degrees through if sheep flow direction is required to be reversed. This is simply achieved by lifting the gate. Solid continuous gudgeon allows for vertical movement to override the fail safe slam catch if required.
Slam catch is standard on all gates under 3.3M on all yards. Even small yards for small numbers should facilitate easy, low stress and enjoyable stock handling.

Not just a generic gate. Note the left hand or right hand closing of the gates. This tailors each gate to sheep flow requirements. (Pictured is a left hand closing gate).
Most gates close on the outside of the yard. As the gate can be swung and latched from any position this means you are closer to the centre of the yards which mean less walking.

Slam catches standard on all gates under 3.3metres.

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