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 Yards have rounded backs to encourage stock flow. No working yard corner is under 90 degrees.

Manway provided between force and inside of working race

Working Race and V Race entrance has one side parallel to the race preventing 2 sheep jamming and then both turning back. Generally the outside sheep will go forward and the inside one will follow. The entrance to the working race is off set so as not to cause a bruise point.

Gates fold right back 180 degrees
and through 100 degrees. Gates are hinged to minimise operator walking and maximise sheep flow. Gates cross over where needed for stock transfer.

Yards get smaller as sheep approach race.

The longer panels used in outside yards balance the yards, and offer better value for money.

Wide entrance gates are standard on large yards.

The yards go together like a meccano set, thus gates can be added and positions altered.

3 Way draft out of the working and V race.

Sheep in main exit yard are visible to sheep entering V Race which assists sheep flow

Attwood Diamond in many plans makes correcting drafting mistakes easy.

Race dividing gate is standard on longer races to minimise smothering of weaners and woolly hoggets.

Force yard gets bigger as the race increases in length. Forces are designed to hold 1/2 races meaning that the force only has to be filled every second race fill.

An often repeated comment from clients is that the yards are bigger than they appear on paper.

Standard plans cater for sheep running anti-clockwise. Dogs and operators work the outside of the race. Most people are right handed and this is why standard flow is anti-clockwise (hands are not crossed over when drenching or mouthing etc) however the yards can be mirror reversed if required.

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