Cattle Yard Slide Gates

All slide gates operate on rollers, note the extra rails.   Flat bar base on Hunter and Bullock for longevity
The gap between the rails is GP 169mm, Hunter 147mm, Bullock 107mm   Height is 1995mm  2200mm.
These gaps minimise the opportunity for cattle to get their head through.   Self cleaning base.
All sliding gates have a self locking latch.   Peg down lug standard.

Our Patented Leverage Assisted Split Sliding Gates

The split slide gate is leverage assisted with auto lock and is around 3 times faster to operate than a conventional slide gate.

The innovative gate blocks the following animal from both sides. Often the following animal has itís head over the rump of the leader. It is much easier to baulk the head instead of trying to jam a conventional sliding gate on the shoulder.

Further, if the operator can reach the handle the gate can be closed or opened. Closing is spring assisted (with auto lock) and opening is auto release. Following cattle will stand closer to the gate and sheet rattle noise is eliminated.

Base of sliding gate travels on raised RHS on a heavy flat bar base. (Gates which travel in a channel are prone to jamming due to rock and dirt build up). Pantograph operation. Unique to National Stockyards, protected by Australian Patent No. 2009100839.


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