Manways are wide enough to prevent an animal getting caught by the hips if the gate is accidentally left open, or they can be used to file stock through if required. Slam catch is standard on Hunter and Bullock and they are included in most plans, thus are not a hidden extra.
An extra slide is also standard on all 5 and 6 panel race designs.

The bolt together system makes erection of custom made panels for front entrances etc. Easy!

Mixing and matching panel styles with heavier panels and gates in force areas is popular.
 Tom and John Wood, Gulgong
The yards are awesome. What used to be a hard job for two people is now an easy job for one".
The Paint
In April 2006 National Stockyard Systems commissioned a leading industrial paint supplier to manufacture and supply
a custom made -215 Anti Corrosive Alkyd Based Zinc Phosphate Enamel - to enhance product longevity.
A Dry Film Thickness of 50 microns is sought.

National Stockyard Systems: Australia's best Stockyards: Designed by stockmen for stock handlers.
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