Hunter Cattle Loading Ramps



All National Stockyard Systems cattle loading ramps are fully galvanised and feature a patented concrete floor (excluding budget model) with plenty of treads . Timber floors are subject to rot, white ant attack and fire. Steel floors are prone to noise and rust.

All ramps have a closed in base to prevent legs getting outside of the ramp. Overhead bracing is standard on both ends of the ramp to prevent side spread.
  Hunter 3.0 Meter Adjustable Height Ramp

Specifications are the same as the Hawkesbury 3.0 meter loading ramps except the rails increase in size to 75 x 40mm.
These loading ramps are available as standard, adjustable, with walkway or any combination.



Loading ramps can go off the side (pictured), off the front of the ramp or load out yards



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Patented Concrete Floor
                 - Exclusive to NSS Loading Ramps
" The yards are really well designed, and cattle will pour through them."

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National Stockyard Systems: Australia's best Loading Ramps: Designed by stockmen for stockhandlers.
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