The Cattle Yard Joining System

   Best of both worlds; "The environment of permanent yards with the
flexibility and price of relocatable yards"



  • The joining system utilises elongated hole cleats, which means that the panels will follow most ground undulations.
  • Bolts are M12-30 hot dip galvanised with a wide flat head. Washers are hot dipped 32mm wide and nuts are standard hot dipped.
  • This system is protected by Australian Registered Design No 304108 and totally eliminates the noise associated with conventional pinning systems.
  • Whilst eliminating panel rattle noise, gate sag etc the joining system will offer a degree of movement if a beast hits a panel hard.
  • It only takes about an extra 10% time to build the National Stockyard Systems yards compared to others (Dropping a pin in or putting a nut and washer on the bolt is the quickest and easiest part of yard erection).
  • Delivery and erection is a service available to clients if required
  • The need for cost-adding false points that others require is eliminated.
  • There is no gap at the top of the panels for an animal (particularly horses) to get a leg caught in.
  • Note: The third middle lug on the Hunter 6 and Bullock Panels. This transfers impact on the gate to the associated panel posts which means the gate frame cannot bow and the slam catch pop under pressure (Hunter 6 and Bullock 5 and 6 only).


  Wilson Co on behalf of William and Tony Chau Ulan     Doug Clark, Black Hill
"The yards were easily the best I saw at the field days and the gates and bolt together joining system made my decision easy".
"Our yards are great and still as good as the day we bought them 4 years ago. We love the gates and the lack of noise."

National Stockyard Systems: Australia's best Stockyards: Designed by stockmen for stock handlers.
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