Cattle Drafting Equipment

       Cattle drafting is becoming more frequently required due to changes such as tighter feeder weights, the continuing dry, cell grazing, early weaning and overall improved management practices.

NSS has developed a series of drafters that allow 1 person drafting and the very quick Glenrock Overhead Drafter that requires more than 1 person.

The Hicks Draft / Baulk Combination
Australian Patent No. 2009100838

The Award Winning and Patented Hicks Cattle Drafter
1. One catch releases and closes all 3 gates to swivel past animal's head.

2. Straight ahead draft is a clever push pull handle

3. Locking catch to prevent rattle if loading cattle through it.

4. Whole unit will fold 180 degrees both ways.

5. Both side drafts are a simple push and lock or pull and lock system.

Winner of the Ag-Quip Inventors Competition 2007

This innovative Draft / Baulk combination features auto catch from side to side and the whole unit will concertina past the animalís head for immediate access.

The inbuilt baulk gate swings out of the way for the 3rd straight draft or up the loading ramp.

The whole unit will fold and swing flat to transfer cattle from yard to yard.

The Hicks Draft / Baulk (Award winning design!)
Budget Swivel Draft/Baulk Combination
Basic Draft with Block Gate
CCC Speed Draft/Baulk Combination
The Glenrock In-Race Drafter
Pneumatic / Air Operated
Curved 'V' Race


  Noel Ray, Denman
"The Hicks Drafter is excellent and makes our drafting easy. All their gear is good."

The Award of Excellence recognises new, innovative design and manufacture... the product meets high criteria standards and is worth of the attention of primary producers.

David Lamkin loves the cattle crush and cattle drafting setup
  David Lamkin, Singleton
"Dad and I needed a crush and drafting setup that would considerably speed up our cattle work on our property at Merriwa.".

  John Martin, Oberon
"This drafter is very clever and solves a problem that has been around forever. As I am now semi-retired our new yards will make it easy for me.

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