Australian Patent Application No. 2013202915

The undisputed dux of all headbails.

The new head bail is now on our complete range of crushes
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Until now most head bails have a limited mechanical advantage.

Mechanical advantage is vital when an 80 kg person is trying to restrain a 600 kg animal.

Traditional ratchet locking head bails only lock in increments of 20 - 30 mm or so. This allows a big neck animal to suck back, or allows excessive head movement which can be dangerous to both animal and operator.

Our new head bail has closing down to 6 mm increments with almost zero suck back (suck back can be a problem with slide locks and all traditional ratchet locks).

The new NSS head bail combines approaching over center in 3 differing closing positions with the safety of a gravity ratchet lock. In addition there is a mechanical advantage of up to 5 to 1 which means that an 80kg person can apply up to 400kgs of pressure. These 2 advantages combine with closing increments down to 6mm, and, quick release push – pull dual operating handles on all crushes.

Over 5 years of 1000’s of hours have been in invested in the research, development and field testing of this revolutionary patent pending head bail.

Quite simply there is no head bail on the market that can
approach this head bail for performance.

Quite simply there is no other head bail on the market that can approach this headbail for performance.

Alec Thompson, Dark Corner NSW “This new crush is a bloody beauty!”


As with all National Stockyard Systems products our crushes are 100% made in Australia. Crush manufacturer Gerald Hicks is delighted with the performance of the new head bail during commercial testing.

Our top selling crush (pictured above) the Hunter Pacifier, now featuring the Headmaster Headbail, and in new Orange colour scheme.

Now featured on
ALL crushes in
our range!


Our new range of crushes will all have:

          RUST AND NOISE MINIMISING Light Steel Beam (LSB).
We have doubled the linkage on our patented SPLIT SLIDE
           entry gate.
In addition we are now painting our crushes a burnt orange colour.
           Under the paint all of the RHS, Rail, LSB and most Flat Bar
           linkage components are galvanised.
Tweed Basic
Tweed Standard
Tweed Settler
Tweed Pacifier
Hunter Basic
Hunter Standard
Hunter Settler
Hunter Pacifier
Bullock Standard
Bullock Pacifier

And, to cater for the larger producer we are proud to introduce our TOP END™ range of cattle crushes and head bails.

All of our TOP END™ range will have 4.0mm thick RHS components. In addition the diagonal squeeze will be replaced by an incremental ratchet locking PARALLEL SQUEEZE on the Pacifiers. Available in:
• Top End Standard
• Top End Pacifier
• Top End Standard
   Plus 200
• Top End Pacifier
   Plus 200

The Plus 200 crushes will extend the body of the crush by 200 mm (8 inches). This will facilitate preg testing of big stretchy cows, bull testicle palpation etc without the need to have the animal’s head in the head bail.


What to avoid - and why...
(When purchasing a cattle crush)




The head bail only closes in 30mm increments. You cannot quite get that last click and the animal sucks back.
The animal can get a leg over the top of the baffles and than sink down. It takes a lot of effort and strength to release the animal from the head bail.
Gaps where an animal can get a leg out and break it.
Poorly designed linkage that offers no mechanical advantage.
Straight yokes that allows unlimited vertical head movement.
A handle that cannot be released under pressure.
A chin lifter that cannot be released under pressure. It does not takelong to choke an animal if it sinks onto the chin lifter.
Bruise or tear points as the animal exits the crush.
Open holes allowing water to collect and rust out the crush.
Thin sheet that rattles and rusts out quickly as dirt and water collect in the seam.
Bolt holes that are not sleeved. The RHS will wear quickly and elongate the hole.
Rail gaps in the crush body that will facilitate broken legs or the operator getting injured.
Enclosed metal on metal will rust and seize.
A short bodied crush that is too short for an animal to stand comfortably in prior to catching – a big problem with many non – vet access crushes on the market.
Gap spacing in the rails of the rear sliding gate that allow an animal to get it’s head stuck.

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