Cattle Drafting: The Glenrock in race Drafter
Australian Registered Design No. 14008/2008
A revolutionary in-race drafter with a blocking gate and a 3-Way draft that is all quickly operated by only 3 handles from the crow’s nest. Possibly, the quickest and safest way to draft cattle available on the market today. The first time this drafter was used, (in conjunction with an NSS V-Race) 450 cows and 380 calves were drafted three ways in 90 minutes (calves, wets & drys). Since then “Glenrock Station” have ordered three more of these drafters.
The Glenrock in race Drafter
6 Rail race panels are available in Bullock. The lower gaps prevent cattle getting their heads through (thus weaners turning around) and the wider top gap gives operator access for backlining etc. (Available as 7 Rail in Hunter).
The Hicks Draft / Baulk (Award winning design!)
Budget Swivel Draft/Baulk Combination
Basic Draft with Block Gate

CCC Speed Draft/Baulk Combination
The Glenrock In-Race Drafter
Pneumatic / Air Operated
Curved 'V' Race

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