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National Stock Yard Systems range of quality steel cattle yards and steel cattle crushes are all custom made to your requirements. For information on our custom design service as well as our industry leading standard plans, Click Here

A popular way to keep the cattle yards price as cheap as possible is to mix and match differing panel styles, e.g. Hunter in race, pound and force GP in balance. This allows for stronger style steel cattle yard panels in the main area that will be faced by the most pressure from stock, while the budget priced GP (general purpose) metal cattle yard panels can be used in yard areas which will receive less direct stock pressure. The suitability of this strategy should take into account if the cattle yards will receive frequent heavy use, as well as the temperament of your cattle.




Wider entrance gates can be added if required and a gate can be added anywhere. Pictured 4m Rail Hunter entrance gate. Note the larger steel profile used to keep the frame square.


Most gates close on the outside of the yard. As the gate can be swung and latched from any position this means you are closer to the centre of the yards resulting in less walking and more efficient cattle flow.

The Steel - Used in all our cattle yards and cattle crushes.
All rail profile within the National Stockyard Systems product range are manufactured by One Steel Australian Tube Mills. The sections are doubly - symmetric oval for increasing bending strength, bruise minimisation and stiffness in stockyard applications. The rail is manufactured to High Tensile Grade 350LO - 450LO, confirms to Australian Standards AS 1163 for structural steel, and is galvanised inside and out for long lasting rust protection. The posts used confirm to the same properties as the rail.


  The SupaGal steel used in all our steel cattle yards & steel cattle crushes is manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of the following specifications:
AS/NZ 4792 - Hot Dip galvanised (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow sections applied by a continuous or specialised process.
Minimum Coating Mass: 100g/M2 inside and out.
Galvanizers Association of Australia Approved.

  Michael and Toni Lindley, Congewai

"We could have bought cheaper, but we compared apples with apples. NSS yards represented better value as their yards are bigger than others that were quoting"

The Paint - Used on all our cattle yards and cattle crushes.
In April 2006 National Stockyard Systems commissioned a leading industrial paint supplier to manufacture and supply a  custom made -215 Anti Corrosive Alkyd Based Zinc Phosphate Enamel - to enhance product longevity.
A Dry Film Thickness of 50 microns is sought.

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