Tweed Standard Cattle Crush

Australian Patent Application No. 2013202915

The undisputed dux of all headbails.

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The new head bail is now on our complete range of crushes
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Tweed Standard Cattle Crush - A quality cattle crush from the National Stockyard Systems range of cattle crushes










Diamond shape yoke prevents excessive vertical head (thus whole body movement), minimising the need for engaging the chin bar. All chin bars put pressure under the throat which hinder some tasks such as bloat bombing. The Diamond shape yoke is a much more functional design.

Heavy Duty Slide Lock Headbail with infinite incremental catching positions. Quiet no-noise operation.

Dual Drop - Away catching and release handles for safety. Auto engage to facilitate catching. Australian Registered Design Application No. 14007/2008.

Vertical open baffles. Vision of cattle is not restricted hence cattle will walk up closer to it. Makes catching easier.

Bail arms will automatically open if the bail arms are opened to within 4 inches of the side of the crush. This prevents hip caps being knocked if an inexperienced operator does not fully open the headbail when releasing the animal.

Chin bar (standard on all crushes and head bails) facilitates tasks such as ear tagging and pink eye treatment where restricted head movement is required. Chin bar height can be manually adjusted. Release is a simple one-handed operation, even under pressure.

Stabilizer bars transfer attempted outward movement at the base of the headbail back to the frame of the cattle crush. Thus, the bail arms remain absolutely parallel, even under extreme pressure.

All crushes have a squeeze option. The double squeeze (pictured) will squeeze enough to immobilise a small calf.















Slam catches on all swinging gates.

Needle gate (with auto catch) for access to neck vaccinations. The gate is also wide enough to allow backlining.

Galvanised steel construction and then painted with Anti Corrosive Alkyd Based Zinc Phosphate Enamel which custom made for National Stockyard Systems by a leading industrial paint supplier. A Dry Film Thickness of 50 microns is sought.

Designed to minimise dirt build up (thus rust). Easy to clean.

The inconvenience of grease nipples is eliminated.

Gap wide enough so that an animal can generally retract it without the leg breaking.

The crush is not cluttered with irrelevant features, thus lowering price and enhancing visibility of stock and accessibility of animal husbandry.

Yellow soft handle grips for safety and quickly locating control levers.

Bruise minimisation grade 450 high tensile oval rail.

Bolt down lugs fitted to base.

Side gates sheeted for operator and animal safety.

Off side operation available but will incur a lead time and a price premium of 5%.

The Folding Chin Clam bolts onto the head lifter, and, as the head lifter is engaged, the chin clam folds into a U shape as the Head Lifter is raised. Also, the head lifter, and, thus the chin clam are now height adjustable

Split body gates on on-side single gate on off-side.

Leverage assisted split sliding gate. This innovative gate blocks the following animal from both sides. Often the following animal has itís head over the rump of the leader. It is much easier to baulk the head instead of trying to jam a conventional sliding gate on the shoulder. Further, if the operator can reach the handle the gate can be closed or opened. Closing is spring assisted (with auto lock) and opening is auto release. Following cattle will stand closer to the gate and sheet rattle noise is eliminated. Base of sliding gate travels on raised RHS on a heavy flat bar base. (Gates which travel in a channel are prone to jamming due to rock and dirt build up). Pantograph operation. Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2007792950

A maximum of 55mm gap prevents a beast getting a leg out and breaking it.

This crush also available in single squeeze crush (Tweed Settler) or double squeeze crush (Tweed Pacifier) versions.

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