CCC Speed Draft/Baulk Combination

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The CCC Speed Drafter enables 5 gates to be worked from the 1 location. This is as quick and more reliable than air operated. There is a manual lever control to the 2 front draft gates enabling a 3 way draft whilst standing at the back of the crush. If an NSS V-Race is incorporated leading into the crush the sliding gate on the V-Race section prior to the crush can also be opened and closed via a direct linkage from this point. Obviously the crush entrance and exit can also be operated from this single position. This system is brilliant when weighing cattle.

If access to the head is required there is a manual 3 way draft between the Baulk Gate and the Speed Gates.

Every gate on the unit will remain where it is supposed to until moved by the operator (even on a very windy day).

The first time this unit was used 150 steers had a HPG implant, the associated triangler ear notch, a 5-in-1 vaccination and a backline treatment, all completed in under 21/2 hours. Throughput, with 3 people, was on average one steer in under a minute.


The CCC Cattle Draft allows you to work 5 gates while standing in one location. Features handle for off size draft (gate closed), Handle for on side draft (gate open), Split slide enterence handle and Headbail operating handle.

The pictured off-side draft gate in open position
(see handle for off side draft gate)

Outstanding access to the headbail

Manual 3 way draft available from front of headbail.

   Jason Tom, Parkes
  "It took me two years to make up my mind. I think I looked at every yard on the market but I kept coming back to National Stockyard Systems. They custom designed my yards and I am extremely happy"
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