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The undisputed dux of all headbails.

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  Glen Newman loves his cattle crush
 Glen Newman, Watsons Creek
"I spent 12 months looking at yards before I decided on National Stockyard Systems... and I love the crush."

The amazing flexibility and features of our top selling crush - The Hunter Pacifier Crush. The Bullock Pacifier crush has the same features but it is much more heavily constructed for those with larger requirements.

Ken Trappel loves the National Stockyard Systems Yards and Cattle Crush Designs

  Ken Trappel, Girvan
"Dad and I looked at every type of yard available at Ag-Quip and could not go past NSS for their strength, value, their gate system and ease of use of the crush"

Click below to view details of each cattle crush in our range:

Cattle Crush Features Overview

Tweed Basic Cattle Crush
Tweed Standard Cattle Crush
Hunter Standard Cattle Crush
Hunter Settler Cattle Crush
Hunter Pacifier Cattle Crush
Bullock Standard Cattle Crush
Bullock Pacifier Cattle Crush
Hunter Headbail
Bullock Headbail

NEW Headmaster Headbail™

Robert Sheehan says it's nice to have a good cattle crush that works!
  Robert Sheehan, Bega
"It's nice to have a good crush that works."

cattle crushes and headbails

National Stockyard Systems manufacture and sell a complete range of cattle crushes and headbails to cater for most livestock handling requirements.

A key component of any cattle yard is the crush. In many cases the whole purpose for yarding cattle, is to direct them into a cattle crush, so that husbandry can be performed. Making the correct choice from the wide range of cattle crushes on the market should be one of the most important considerations in the development of an effective livestock handling system.

Ease of use should be the first considerations when comparing the various cattle crushes on the market. In addition, the crush will be faced with a lifetime of pressure from cattle, thus manufacturing quality materials used in cattle crush manufacture is paramount. All our cattle crushes are built to last and are specifically designed for ease of use, maximum cattle throughput, and above all designed to reduce stress on your livestock with operator safety and cattle comfort foremost. 

The type of steel used is also an important element of cattle crush quality. All NSS cattle crushes (along with the rest of our product range) are manufactured from galvanised (inside and out) doubly - symmetric Grade 450 high tensile oval steel for increased strength and less bruising of stock. A major advantage of our cattle crush manufacturing process is our use of galvanised RHS and Oval Rail. (Read more about the steel used in our cattle crushes)

In addition to being manufactured to last and designed to reduce stress to your stock, the NSS range of cattle crushes include a number of unique features designed to reduce stress to you as the operator as well! We invite you to view more information on the features and benefits of all cattle crushes in our range by clicking the links above, or by calling Murray Schaefer on 0425 315 913 to discus your requirements in more detail.

National Stockyard Systems range of Cattle Crushes - A quality cattle crush!

The National Stockyard Systems range of cattle crushes are manufactured by Gerald Hicks, a cattle crush design specialist who is directly responsible for many of the innovations that have improved cattle crushes and most other forms of stock and cattle handling equipment world wide over the past 25 years.

Gerald grew up on the typical family farm in Western Australia and relocated to Guyra in the early 1980's.
He was one of the foundation partners of Ruddweigh Australia in 1980 and designed the Rudweigh scales and cattle crushes.

In 1990 Gerald founded Carinya Products, designing and manufacturing the full range of Carinya cattle crushes.
Metalcorp Steel purchased Carinya Products in 1994 and retained Gerald as manager until he "retired" in 2003. Gerald had owned and operated his own property since leaving the family farm. He has an inherit understanding of stock management.

Gerald has been designing and building the innovative range of National Stockyard Systems cattle crushes since 2005.

National Stockyard Systems: Australia's best Stockyards: Designed by stockmen for stockhandlers.
Call Murray Schaefer on 0425 315 913 for a quote on your next cattle crush!
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