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Australian Patent Application No. 2013202915

The undisputed dux of all headbails.

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The new head bail is now on our complete range of crushes
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  Baulk Gate. Cattle will not go through, over  or under the double concertina quick hitch baulk gate. A better alternative to a baulk gate is a draft baulk combination such as the Hicks Draft Baulk Combination or the NSS Draft Baulk Combination
Standard width of National Stockyard Crushes are 730mm to cater for the modern wider animal. Note how entry and exit is completely free.

The optional crush floor is fully welded 3mm thick floor plate with plenty of treads. A floor is required if the whole crush is being mounted on load cells. In some instances a crush floor is also cheaper than a concrete base pad.


Cattle Crush
& Headbail Models

Tweed Basic Cattle Crush
Tweed Standard Cattle Crush
Hunter Standard Cattle Crush
Hunter Settler Cattle Crush
Hunter Pacifier Cattle Crush
Bullock Pacifier Cattle Crush
Hunter Headbail
Bullock Headbail

Note the diamond shaped yoke, headlifter and clear visibility for the animal which encourages the animal to stand closer to the headbail prior to catching.

Replacing an aged and obsolete headbail with a new headbail is a  simple and economical option to rejuvenate a crush.

  Tom Jones, Cessnock
"They really look after a small operator like me and their prices were cheaper than others."

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