Calf Marking Systems
  • For larger producers, where through put is paramount may require a separate calf race and force.
  • Swing gates with slam catches are preferential to slide gates, especially at the front of the race where it will open against the cradle
  • The calf race is adjustable width to a maximum of 450m and the width can be adjusted on property to suit individual requirements. (400mm or 16" is the traditional standard).
  • (Many producers are utilising a squeeze crush and mark calves standing up. This practice is very effective as it is a one-person operation and only requires a small increase in skill to mark a calf standing up utilising a National Stockyard Systems squeeze crush.)

Standard calf race height is 1400mm with 6 rails and a gap of 147mm between the main rails.

 Anti-Back swing gate maintains calf flow and is extremely quick to engage to hold the next calf ready for the cradle.
New improved anti-back swing gate (not pictured) now available!

Depicted is "Bullock 5 Rail" main working race with calf race on the outside. The outside of the working race has an extra rail so that the gaps on each side of the calf race are 147mm and 145mm in the middle four rail gaps.

Note: National Stockyard Systems supply an extra rail on both sides of the calf race to minimise calves putting heads between the rails. (This eliminates the need for rubber belt to be added).

Click for info on our Calf Cradles plus more info on the Calf Race & Force.
On most yards on the market the calf race and force is often an add-on and calf-handling efficiency is compromised as a result. National Stockyard Systems sometimes alter plans slightly to accommodate an efficient calf marking area without sacrificing operating efficiency.

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