Calf Cradles
Our revolutionary calf cradles are patent pending and unique in design and quality.

     National Stockyard Systems patent pending calf cradle
Our calf cradles are superior by design, including our revolutionary push or pull scissor action.

Calf cradle in use - marking a calf
Calf Cradle - Will handle both small and large calves.

Note the clean work area around the calf cradle for marking the calf.

Calf Race & Calf Force

Concertina gate folds around to make the calf force yard. See top pic including the anti-back gate.

1. Baulk Gate automatically drops as cradle is lowered.
2. Heavy Duty construction. Big calves hit hard.
3. Head is restrained and lifted for easy access to off-side ear.
4. Cradle is shaped to hold the calf securely.
5. Table is longer than standard. Stops big calves from flopping.
Easy access to leg bar for one person marking.
7. Revolutionary Push or Pull Scissor action. (Patent Pending No. 2009901) Pushing gives more control and power. The only push/pull scissor action calf cradle available.

Infinite locking on the slide-lock.
Locking handle hangs down out of the way.

10. Auto catch with foot release prevents calf from flipping table.
ashley and glenda gardiner love their cattle yards
  Ashley & Glenda Gardiner, Bunnan
"The yards are absolutely marvellous. We could not be happier. We have to do most of our cattle work on weekends and it is a pleasure to process our cattle with ease."
Calf Race Outside. An extra rail is added to both sides of the calf race. Calves cannot get their heads through the smaller spacing. Note the double slam on the common force gate.

  Don McFarlane, Cudal
"I spent two days at the Orange Field Days and National Stockyard Systems had the best quality yards there".

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