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"To develop, manufacture and market a range of stock handling equipment that optimises value for clients through increased stock flow and minimal stress for operator and stock.

Natural stock behaviour will dictate product design and client value will be maximised via cost / safe stock throughput parameter ratios.

National Stockyard Systems does not seek to provide a solution for every requirement, but does seek to provide a product that offers superior value and performance in chosen fields".

Managing Director - National Stockyard Systems
Tel: 02 4932 1363     Mobile: 0425 315 913

"The aim of this website is to assist clients to make an informed decision, to make your stock work easier with less stress on your stock and improve your overall bottom line.

ALLAN GRAY, "Grandale" Geurie NSW

"I was a neighbour of Murray Schaefer for 10 years at Manilla. The rugged terrain of his 5000 acres of leased country called for good horses and dogs.
He contact managed another 8000 acres for absentee Sydney owners and ran a contract fencing and yard building business on the side. He built numerous sets of yards and well over 500 km of fencing on many Northern NSW properties.
Murray was an outstanding horseman and had an excellent team of dogs and was widely regarded as one of the district's best stockmen.
When he joined Metalcorp Steel in the early 90's we lost a good neighbour but it is very gratifying to see him back in the Agricultural Industry supplying what I think are the best valued and practical yards on the market today".

  BILL CROLL "Gundamulda" Barraba NSW
Sales - Tel: 02 6783 3164 Mobile: 0427 003 375

Bill is a well known and respected Northern NSW stockman and horseman and is involved with many community projects. As well as managing the family property he has been a shearer, drover, roughrider and contract fencer / yard builder, and is a passionate advocate of low stress stock handling both in the paddock and the yard.

"I don't see my role as a salesman, as the yards and crushes sell themselves. I get a
great kick of sharing my 45 years of stock handling experience and helping clients to choose best what will suit their operation".

  GERALD HICKS, Bucca Road, Nana Glen NSW
Crush Manufacturer - Tel: 02 6654 3088

The NSS crushes are manufactured by Gerald Hicks who is directly responsible for many of the innovations that have improved stock handling equipment world wide over the past 25 years.
Gerald grew up on the typical family farm in Western Australia and relocated to Guyra in the early 1980's.
He was one of the foundation partners of Ruddweigh Australia in 1980 and designed the Ruddweigh scales and crushes.
In 1990 Gerald founded Carinya Products, designing and manufacturing the full range of Carinya crushes.
Metalcorp Steel purchased Carinya Products in 1994 and retained Gerald as manager until he "retired" in 2003. Gerald had owned and operated his own property since leaving the family farm. He has an inherent understanding of stock management.
Gerald has been designing and building the innovative range of National Stockyard Systems crushes since 2005.

Manufacturing Manager/Sales - 02 4932 1363   Mobile: 0432 678 748

" I hope to go back to the land one day. Dad was a 5th generation farmer and I would like to contribute to the family heritage. In the meantime I enjoy making a valuable contribution to the business. Erecting yards, talking with and learning from customers are the most satisfying parts of the job. I also enjoy spending time on my uncle's property at Walcha."

  KEN BURKINSHAW, “Amaroo” Lockhart
Tel: 02 6928 2258

“We needed 2 sets of yards. I did my homework very carefully before deciding on National Stockyard Systems. After purchasing the yards Murray approached me and asked if I was able to assist with sales at some Field Days.
I don’t see it as selling but it is a pleasure to have interaction with a great team of people and demonstrating products I believe in”.


Manufacturing/Sales   Tel: 02 4932 1363    Mob: 0427 030 190

Daniel grew up on the family farm at Manilla. Daniel’s father Stuart is regarded as one of Manilla’s best operators.
“If I was just making the standard old panels and gates that are available everywhere then I would not enjoy it. It is a really great manufacturing team that I work with, and innovation, practicality and quality of workmanship is encouraged in the factory. I really look forward to assisting with sales as well”

National Stockyard Systems: Australia's best Stockyards: Designed by stockmen for stockhandlers.
Call Murray Schaefer on 0425 315 913 for a quote!
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